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The best-selling books written by Joe Girard contain all his wealth of hard-earned knowledge and experience – everything you need to know to help you exceed your sales goals and achieve a more prosperous life.

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The Complete Joe Girard Book Collection

(Autographed Paperback Edition)


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All four of Joe’s best selling volumes together in one collection!
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The Complete Joe Girard Book Collection

This Package Includes:
  • How To Sell Yourself
  • How To Sell Anything To Anybody
  • How To Close Every Sale
  • Mastering Your Way to the Top

How To Sell Yourself

(Autographed Paperback Edition)


"How to Sell Yourself" by Joe GirardNo matter what field you are in, to achieve success you need be able to market yourself. In this book, written by Joe Girard, “The World’s Greatest Salesman” reveals his important secrets for successfully selling your most important commodity: you! Joe explains how you can develop the fundamental skills and winning character traits that make other people notice just how much you have to offer.

With Real–Life Anecdotes and Joe Girard’s Own Remarkable Life Story, This Book Helps You:
  • Become a Master of the Fine Art of Listening
  • Boost Your Own Self–Worth — And Demonstrate It to Others
  • Enter the Workplace for the First Time
  • Identify Your Most Dynamic Personal Qualities
  • Raise Your Self–Confidence and “Success Quotient”
  • Turn a Job Interview into a Platform for Success

How To Sell Anything To Anybody

(Autographed Paperback Edition)


"How to Sell Anything to Anybody" by Joe Girard“The World’s Greatest Salesman” tells how he made a fortune — and how you can, too! Joe Girard knows what it takes to go into the trenches every day and come out with sales — and he knows how to help you too. In this book he shows how any salesperson in any field can achieve extraordinary success the Joe Girard way: going belly to belly with customers and making every right move to get the final sale.

From what to say and how to say it to making cold calls that work and “locking up” a wavering buyer, here is the complete unrivaled Girard selling system, including:
  • Five Ways to Turn a Prospect into a Buyer — Every Time
  • Joe Girard’s 250 Rules — It Can Pyramid Into 250 More Sales
  • Joe Girard’s Unique Method of Seeing a Potential Customer as both a Friend and Adversary
  • The Art of Bird–Dogging, How to Put Other People to Work for You
  • The Secret of Developing Customer Profiles to Guarantee Future Sales

How To Close Every Sale

(Autographed Paperback Edition)


"How to Close Every Sale" by Joe GirardJoe Girard, best–selling author and the man who can sell anything to anybody, knows that salespeople are paid to do one thing: to close the sale. Now the world’s greatest salesman takes you step by step through the selling process — straight past the gatekeeper and into the prospect’s office. He shows you how to overcome objections and how to close even the most difficult sale. Here are the inside tips, the philosophy, the fundamental principles, and the crucial fine points many salesmen overlook.

Let Joe Teach You:
  • How to Deal With “I Need To Talk It Over With My Wife”
  • How To Go Double Or Nothing — And Close That Sale Now Or Never!
  • How to Make a Prospect Feel “Obligated” To Buy Your Product
  • How to Overcome the Objection: “I Want To Shop Around”
  • How to Recognize the Right Times For Subtle High Pressure Tactics
  • Three Dynamic Ways to Convert Your Office into a Billboard to Promote Your Number–One Product — You
  • What to Say to the Procrastinator Who Wants To “Think It Over”

Mastering Your Way to the Top

(Autographed Paperback Edition)


"Mastering Your Way to the Top" by Joe GirartdAt the heart of “Mastering Your Way To The Top” are dozens of extraordinary profiles of some of America’s top business people who tell you where they came from, and share their own private rules for success on HOW TO BECOME FILTHY RICH! You will learn from twenty four (24) successful people, who shared with Joe how they achieved their success, and how they amassed fortunes from $50 million to $10 billion.

This book is for everyone who is ready to make changes in his or her life, set goals, and master the climb to the top!