Biography Pictures

Joe shining shoes

Shining shoes in saloons at 9 years old to bring food home for the family.


Joe with his mom

“My mother’s love and encouragement produced the gasoline in my engine when I worked.”


Joe signing paperwork

Closing The Sale.


Joe in his office

“When I arrived in my office I was primed, pumped and ready to go”


Joe with Lowell Thomas

Lowell Thomas, American Academy of Achievements.


Joe with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”.


Joe with John DeLorean

John DeLorean, The Best VP & GM Chevrolet ever had.


Joe with Gerald Ford

Late President Gerald R. Ford


Norway Talk

Norway Talk


Number 1!

You are the #1 person in your life.


Las Vegas

Reward yourself for a good job done (Las Vegas).


The World's Greatest Salesman

You can do it!


Joe with Gordie Howe

Worlds Greatest Hockey Player, Gordie Howe.


A Guinness World Record!

Guinness Book Founder, Norris McWhirter


Motivational Speaker

Large Sales Rally.