Motivate Your Sales Team!

Winner of the World's Number One Retail Salesperson title, Joe Girard documented a lifetime of experience to share with you.

Joe Girard's story is one your people can relate to. He came up through the trenches. His training materials will challenge you to "become the person you have always strived to be".

Build Your Business

I always kept looking for better ways to build my business and sell more. I am not trying to say that I invented everything that I do. I borrowed a lot of my ideas from other people and other businesses. Whatever idea’s you come up with, the important thing is not to be put offContinue Reading

Tell Customers You Appreciate Their Business

With many salespeople the sale is finished the moment the deal is closed. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s when the sale really begins. A salesperson-customer relationship should be a long term marriage. Repeat business is what adds up to success. This is as true of selling furniture or insurance or real estateContinue Reading

Steps to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re waiting for someone to make the world just right for you so you can succeed, you’re on the road to nowhere. Before you go down that path, remember this: No one ever got any recognition for climbing up half a mountain. Either aim for the top beginning with a positive attitude, or getContinue Reading

Find the Right Product for Your Customer

Truly outstanding salespeople are all excellent listeners and know what questions to ask to find the right product for their customer. The only way to be assured of this kind of comfort is by doing your homework in advance so you’re 100 percent certain you can handle any situation that might arise.  There’s nothing moreContinue Reading

Good Conversation and Personal Dialogue

The phone will never be a replacement for face to face interaction but it should remain a primary tool in your arsenal of weapons to use for staying in touch with customers. When you’re not with a customer in person, the phone is the next best thing and can still provide a powerful and personalContinue Reading

Spend Your Time Wisely

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Throw in an extra 24 hours in a leap year. So you have 1,440 minutes in the 24-hour day. I call it the greatest gift of all. Once you’ve spent those 1,440 minutes, it’s gone. You can’t spend it anymore. Think of yesterday as aContinue Reading

Repeat Business and Referrals

Winning lifetime ever lasting relationships isn’t based on a single mammoth act. You build ever-lasting relationships by never letting up on the servicing of your customers. On the other hand, anyone who fails to provide good service will never realize the building process that comes with establishing a solid base of customers and the fineContinue Reading

Banish Fear Forever

I want to tell you about two of the most powerful words in the world. One has the ability to elevate your self-confidence; the other will prevent you from feeling confident. The first has only five letters, but it has the strength to move mountains. That word is called Faith. Faith in yourself and inContinue Reading

Using Won’t Power in a Positive Way

At one time in my life, I was guilty of almost letting “won’t power” take over my life. It was because my dad constantly used the word won’t: “You won’t amount to anything Joe”. “You won’t make it. “You won’t get anywhere in life”. I had to grit my teeth and counter with “I will,Continue Reading

Providing Needed Information

Some salespeople lose sight of the fact that part of their mission is to provide needed information to their prospects. First, you must inform prospects about how they can benefit from your product and how it represents a good value for their money. Second, you must help them make the proper buying decision. And third,Continue Reading