Sincerity is the Key

Be Sincere or Find Another Career It should go without saying that you must come across with sincerity.  And if you don’t you’re in for a difficult time.  I think being sincere is the easiest part of selling.  It’s simply a matter of caring about your customer and believing in what you sell.  If you […]

Sales Tip: Stay in Touch

Best Sales Tip: Stay in Touch and Keep the Wolves at Bay! If you have a lot of contact with people or are in a service related business, the best sales tip I can give you is you must stay in touch.  Especially with customers, or potential ones.  It’s the most important thing you can do […]

Time Management Tip: Get Organized and Set Priorities

Time Management is More than Keeping a Schedule I think many people are either intimidated by or just can’t get excited about keeping appointment books, diaries or planners.  They see them as extra paper work, needless in detail.  They feel they can keep everything in their heads and don’t need to micromanage themselves to that […]

Sales Tip: How to Get the Sale to Stick

Here’s a sales tip to get your sale to stick. “Joe, how did you get so many sales to stick?” As an automotive motivational speaker, no matter where in the world I am, this question is asked often. I am going to give you the question to ask new customers that does wonders to eliminate […]

Be Prepared

“Be prepared” is more than a motto for the Boy Scouts. These words should be tattooed on the chest of every salesperson so he or she will remember it. For starters, entering a sales presentation fully prepared does wonders for your self-confidence. Knowing that you know everything about your product, company, and competition, backward and […]

Give the Best Customer Service

Don’t Leave Customer Service Up to Chance Dedication to giving the best customer service cannot be a whim.  It cannot be something that is extended only to a select group of customers.  Every customer, no matter how affluent, is entitled to the best possible service.  “The customer is king” must be a continuous motto for […]

Tools for Success

Girard’s Toolbox – Tools for Success If I had to name the tools for success that worked best to build my business, the list would probably not surprise you. It would obviously include the telephone, my customer files, the mail, my business cards and my birddogs.   The phone can be used for staying in […]

Think Positively

Think Positively to Become a Success One question that I am asked all of the time is, “How do you stay so positive Joe?”.  I trained myself to think positively everyday and not get sucked into negativity.  I learned to change my outlook on life and reverse negative attitudes and bad thinking habits. Before I changed my […]

The Power of Promises

To sell yourself successfully, you must never go back on a promise.  Never.  A promise keeper is a person who means what he or she says.  Promise keepers are people you can trust without question.  Force yourself at no matter what the cost to keep the promises you’ve made.  No one can force you to […]

Self-Reliance Makes Feeling Alone Less Lonesome

As you master your way to the top there’ll be many moments when you look around and realize you’re all alone.  You’ll suddenly think, “Who do I lean on?  Who do I walk with?  Who’s guiding me over the rough spots?”  You know the answer: it’s you.  Self-reliance will get you through the times when […]