Exercising Enthusiasm

Exercising enthusiasm! It’s just as important as your daily physical workout. Just as you can keep your body in tune, so can you tune up your enthusiasm machine until it’s purring like a well-oiled engine. You can build enthusiasm into your personality by the never fail method of exercise. You’re selling the world’s number-one-product—you.  And […]

Turn Self-Doubts into Self-Confidence

There is no such thing as “no confidence”.  Everyone has confidence in something.  What can fail you are those things in which you place your confidence.  This being true, we must make sure that our self-confidence goes to work for us because in selling ourselves we are putting our confidence in ourselves.  We had better […]

Learning To Listen

God gave every one of us two ears and one mouth.  Perhaps he was trying to tell us something.  And, as is the case with many of us, we aren’t listening.  Learning to listen is something every person needs to master if he wants to sell himself successfully.   Consider salespeople.  If you sell a […]

Do You Hide Your Communication Behind Technology?

Have You Become Just a Click? A lot of people today believe that an e-mail or text to a prospect or client is sufficient communication to let them know how much you care about them.  I understand the importance and necessity of digital and electronic communication in this day and age because I use it […]

Four Rules of Time Management

You’ll never go wrong if you simply follow my four rules on the importance of time management.  Let me expand on that since it’s so critical to success. Toni Verdú Carbó via Compfight Time wasted cannot be regained. It’s a cancelled check—worth nothing.  I guard my time like it is gold.  In fact, to me, […]

Setting Goals with Meaning

Setting goals is an important step as you head for the top. In your overall game plan, break this step down into a number of smaller steps. It doesn’t matter what your business is—or your profession, or your job, or whatever the top is you’re going for; the principles and strategies for setting goalsand achieving […]

Use “Won’t Power” to Give Yourself Willpower!

Having the ambition to master your way to the top is extremely important if you wish to achieve success. Whether it’s in business or other endeavors, ambition is a driving force. Kyle MacDonald via Compfight I like to call it the spark that gets the engine going. If your ambition is to pay off, you’ve […]

Smile Your Way to Success

One of the greatest gifts God gave humanity was a smile. If you think the flu is contagious, try smiling at someone and see what happens.  🙂 Eddy Van 3000 via Compfight A smile makes people feel special, appreciated, respected, and recognized. The next time you’re having difficulty communicating with or reaching a person, remember, […]

Selling Yourself on You

In order to successfully sell yourself to others you must believe in yourself and be totally aware of your own self worth. It all begins with how you think about yourself and who you really are. There is only one you in the entire world, you are an original and no one else can match […]

Overcoming Procrastination

Anyone who has ever sold anything knows exactly what I am referring to as the number one objection that rattles more salespeople then all other objections combined. What I am referring to is the “I want to think it over” objection! It might not be said in those exact words, but the message is the […]