Girard’s Law of 250

Let me explain to you what I call Girard’s Law of 250. A short time after I got into this business, I went to a funeral home to pay my last respects to the deceased mother of a friend of mine. At Catholic funeral homes, they give out mass cards with the name and picture […]

Productivity and the Gift of 1,440

Can you give a minute-by-minute, or even an hour-by-hour, account of how you spent the day? How much of your time was used wisely and productively? More important, how much of your time today was wasted? Steve Grosbois via Compfight Everyone has 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Throw in an extra 24 […]

Get Organized!

You have to begin by first deciding what’s important to you. Get organized and create a to-do list that prioritizes those things according to their significance in your life. Even if you’ve never taken the time to make one up before, do it now. You can update it over and over as often as your […]

How to Have a Positive Attitude

I believe living a successful life is learning to cope with and continuously perfecting how you go about dealing with adversity. A positive attitude in life is what motivates and moves you toward your goals. It is most important when you’re faced with obstacles you just can’t control. Deciding on having a positive attitude everyday […]