Banish Fear Forever

I want to tell you about two of the most powerful words in the world. One has the ability to elevate your self-confidence; the other will prevent you from feeling confident. The first has only five letters, but it has the strength to move mountains. That word is called Faith. Faith in yourself and in others. Faith in your abilities and in your future. The second most powerful word is a four letter word called Fear. Fear that you can’t be or do something. Fear you might fail. The problem is that in our fear of failure, we try to avoid failure by never taking risks.

Refuse to listen to the whisperings of fear. It’s okay to make mistakes. Study your mistakes and failures so that you can learn from them. Today decide what you’re going to be tomorrow. Today is what counts. Put out of your mind the fears, weaknesses and confidence destroying thoughts of a week ago, a month ago, a year ago. Today is the day you must decide you’ll let your mind—faith—control your body. Today is the day you banish fear forever. But, you ask, how?


  1. Believe in yourself. Self-confidence starts with belief in yourself. Remember those seven powerful words: You can if you think you can. Repeat them aloud. Let them soak into your system. Then, do this: Add just two more words below them—and these are from my own experience—I will. You will if you think you will.
  2. Associate with confident people. Stay away from negative, fearful people. I made it a rule to associate only with those who did not fear the future and were self confident. By doing so I reinforced my own self confidence. Remember, confidence breeds confidence.
  3. Tune up your confidence machine. Confidence is the muscle that lets you tackle risk-taking and win. Muscles need to be developed through exercise or working out. Your confidence muscle—your self assurance can be developed and it begins with believing in yourself.
  4. Be the master of your ship. Henry Ford said that all confident people gained their courage by facing their fears instead of running away from them. You must learn to do the same. Face your self doubts squarely and say, “Am I bigger than they are or are they bigger than I?” Be the captain of your ship.
  5. Keep busy. In a busy person fear and self doubt can find little room to dwell.

Turn your self doubts and fear into self-confidence. No matter what happens each day to raise your fears, do that thing you fear to do.