Build Your Business

I always kept looking for better ways to build my business and sell more. I am not trying to say that I invented everything that I do. I borrowed a lot of my ideas from other people and other businesses. Whatever idea’s you come up with, the important thing is not to be put off by the guys who tell you that you can’t do it because it has never been done before. Who says something won’t work because it hasn’t been done before? If that was true, there would never be anything new in the world. None of the inventions, none of the great new ideas, would exist. The biggest advantage you can get is to come up with a better way of reaching and selling your customers.

Good ideas are always worth the time it takes to think of them. Whatever your business is about, however it works, it can be improved. There is no perfect way to do business. You should always be looking at new things to try and new ways to test the value of what you are already doing. Also, look at the most tried-and-true methods as if you could rearrange them and make them work better for you!

That way you will be constantly looking to improve the most important product that you sell—which is you! You have to make your own odds, by spending time and money to develop your own methods to bring in the customers and the money. Time and money well invested will build your business tremendously, and all of your business expenses are tax deductable.  Always look for new and better ways to do it!

If I had to name the tools that worked best to build my business, the list would probably not surprise you. It would obviously include my phone, my customer files and my business cards. The phone can be used for staying in contact with customers and prospects you already have. It also can be used profitably by making cold calls to acquire new customers.

After a sale make up a customer file and put down everything you notice about a customer or prospect. I mean everything: kids, hobbies, travels, whatever you learn about the person. It gives you ways to talk to them about things in which they are interested in. There is nothing more effective in selling anything than getting the customer to believe that you really like and care about them and their interests. Satisfied customers are the best bet for future sales.

If I had to pick one thing to get business, I would have a very hard time doing it. But if I really had to make that almost impossible choice, I would probably pick my business card. It is certainly money well spent. I hand them out wherever I am. The point is that wherever there are people, there are prospects. If you let them know who you are and what you do, you are building your business. Effective use of business cards and giving them out everywhere—is one of the cheapest business building tools you can have.

Another tool you can utilize of course is through social media & networking. Whatever tools you pick to let people know who you are, what you do and how you can help them will build your business. Start building your own personalized toolbox now for success!