The Customer is King

Treat your customer as King. Winning lifetime customers isn’t based on a single mammoth act. Service problems and other customer complaints are a normal part of all business, regardless of what you sell. If you handle them properly, they can help you sell a lot more in the future. I will go out of my […]

In Good Times and Bad Times

Staying in touch with customers can be a very pleasant experience if all it means is saying “hello” and checking in with them from time to time. However, sometimes staying in touch means having to possibly listen to something the customer doesn’t like about the product they bought from you or the service they’re experiencing. […]

Winning Bloodless Victories

How to win a bloodless Victory. Remember that for a real salesman there is nothing better than selling. It is like home runs for a hitter, touchdowns for a running back, and victories for a general. But when a salesman sells there should be no losers. Both the buyer and the seller win if it’s […]

Winning After the Close

The first thing I do after I make a sale is to prepare a file on the buyer with everything I know about him and about what he bought. At the same time, a special thank-you letter goes out to the customer. I guess it’s a pretty obvious thing to do-to thank the customer for […]