Take Control of Your Fate

We all have a desire to satisfy our needs and be successful, even in the face of adversity. Inside each of us, there is a voice that creates the urge and desire to succeed. A positive attitude always listens to that voice. It is what moves you forward toward your goals. The most important reason […]

Have Faith in Yourself

What can you do about those fear-faith whisperings? Here’s what I did. I decided that a good way to build self-confidence and courage would be to simply tune out the whisperings of fear, just play hard of hearing and refuse to listen to every negative thought or word that came my way. In building confidence […]

Negative Sales People

Most salespeople are negative. It’s true. The majority of salespeople don’t expect to close a sale. They’ve had their brains knocked out so many times that they’re actually surprised when they succeed. It always amazed me how the other salespeople at the dealership where I worked would huddle together in small bull sessions every morning. […]

Ten Principles of Self Reliance

I have always believed that developing confidence in one’s self is a necessary step in developing self reliance. I believe that when it comes to standing on your own two feet you can’t do better than following these ten principles. To your own self are true. Listen to your inner voice; don’t let others derail […]

Don’t Join the Club

I didn’t discover the Law of 250 on my first day as a salesman. It took me a few years to work it out. I can’t guess how much it cost me in lost customers and their friends and relatives and coworkers. I did learn one important lesson very early in my career: Don’t join […]

Stretching the Truth and the Art of Deception

A question we’ve all heard before is, “Are there ever times when a lie is not a lie?” That’s not as easy to decide as it sounds. There are times when honesty can be a matter of degree. For example, telling a “white lie” or half-truth for the better good or protection of people for […]

Associate with Success

I’ve learned from experience—usually the best teacher—that the road to the top can be potholed with associations of the wrong kind. Also, your way can be paved smooth by knowing the right people. That tried and true belief that people are known by the company they keep certainly applies when it comes to mastering your […]