Using Won’t Power in a Positive Way

At one time in my life, I was guilty of almost letting “won’t power” take over my life. It was because my dad constantly used the word won’t: “You won’t amount to anything Joe”. “You won’t make it. “You won’t get anywhere in life”. I had to grit my teeth and counter with “I will, […]

Fear and Faith

As a kid it seemed I always had my dad, on the one hand, filling me with negative thoughts: You’ll never amount to anything…you’ll always be a failure…you’re no good. He was always drilling principles of fear into me. And it seemed I always had my mother, on the other hand, filling me with positive […]

Think Power Daily Dozen

Before I changed my own negative attitudes, I was anything but a success—financially or otherwise. It took a 180-degree turn on my part before I changed the course of my life. I was flat broke, deeply in debt, afraid of the future and shamed before my family because of financial reverses. Then one day my […]

Share Only Your Positive Thoughts

When you share only positive thoughts, you create an atmosphere of goodwill. You want to be associated with and be known as a person who brings joy into people’s lives. People should know that whatever you have to say, it’s going to make them feel special because that’s the reputation you have and because that’s […]

How You See Yourself

One way or another, we all get glimpses of ourselves daily. In life there’s always something or someone on hand to give us a playback of ourselves. A reflection pool of water, the rear and side view mirrors on a set of wheels, another person’s reaction to something we’ve said or done. It’s not what […]

Be Proud, Not Jealous

When someone has achieved something of worth—a job promotion, a new car, a new home, a chance to travel—we often say, “Boy, do I envy you!” We may actually envy that person or we may not, but we use the expression to indicate admiration. It’s a simple word, envy, but it’s dangerous to use it. […]

Looks That Could Kill

Just so you know, when I talk about looks, I’m not talking about clothes, whether you’re handsome or cute, tall or thin or what color you are. I’m talking only about what statement your appearance makes to another person. Specifically to looks or impressions that could “kill” a deal or an important moment or opportunity […]

The Us Them Relationship

Everyone has had his or her share of bad experiences with salespeople who are unprofessional, insensitive, manipulative, double-dealing, and swindling. Harsh words, perhaps, but accurate. Sooner or later, everybody runs into one of these guys who give the rest of us a bum rap. What’s more, their shabby tactics cause many prospects to become anxious […]

Raising the Bar on Expectations

I admire people who like to “raise the bar” a little when it comes to setting goals. Those are my kind of people. You’d be smart to get into the habit of always setting a target that makes you “reach” a little bit higher. That way you won’t be disappointed if you fall a little […]

Quitters Never Win-Stay the Course

Have you ever noticed how much physical fitness equipment is sold around the beginning of each New Year? It’s mind boggling. We all know why—everyone’s making New Year’s resolutions to make improvements in their physical appearance and eating habits. They all want to make a change for the better. We’ve all seen the ads that […]