Being Persistent

Persistence means being a leader in your own successful life, not a follower. Don’t follow trails, blaze them. Of course, that means you’ve got to know where you’re going. A sign in my office reads: “The whole secret of life is to know what you want, to write it down and then commit yourself to […]

Faking, Falling and Failing

Even the most detailed time management planner won’t save you if you find yourself slacking off at work and not giving 100 percent. It isn’t just the losers who fall into this trap either. I’ve seen some decent salespeople get caught here. Danny, one of our rookie salesmen, tallied up 84 prospects who promised to […]

Time—That Precious Gift

The hardest thing to recapture in life is lost time. It’s virtually impossible. When it comes to guarding this precious gift, beware of public enemies one and two: LAZINESS and PROCRASTINATION. Don’t let those two thieves anywhere near your life. Effective use of time is critical to organizing a plan to achieve your goals. One […]

Creating a Sense of Urgency

To succeed in sales, you must provide your prospect with a concrete reason he or she should buy your product today. If you fail to do so, your prospect will have no incentive to buy immediately and will postpone making a decision. Simply creating a need for your product is not enough, unless the prospect […]