Providing Outstanding Customer Service

I know firsthand that people are willing to pay a premium for outstanding service. Again and again, I’ve been told, “Joe, I shopped around before coming to see you, and I’ve got you beat by a hundred bucks. But I’m going to buy from you because there’s one thing nobody else can give me, and […]

Make a Lemon into a Peach

When a customer drives into the service department with a genuine lemon, it can take me and my people a lot of time and energy making phone calls and finding the places to exert pressure to make that car right. I take care of customers who have problems. I don’t make a customer pay more […]

Where the Sale Begins

With many salespeople the sale is finished the moment the deal is closed. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s when the sale really begins. A salesperson-customer relationship should be a long term marriage. Repeat business is what adds up to success. This is as true of selling furniture or insurance or real estate […]

Keep Them Coming Back

If you expect to have repeat customers or people wanting to continue a relationship with you (personal or professional), then you had better be considerate of them and show an interest in how they see things. Forget about your point of view. Concentrate on theirs. If you don’t, you’ll fail miserably. Although I was very […]

Winning After the Close

The first thing I do after I make a sale is to prepare a file on the buyer with everything I know about him and about what he bought. At the same time, a special thank-you letter goes out to the customer. I guess it’s a pretty obvious thing to do-to thank the customer for […]

Being a Second-Miler

If anyone asks you to go one mile, go with him or her two miles. On top of that, do it even if you aren’t asked. Instead of stretching up, which is a physical exercise; you should stretch out, which is a mental exercise because it calls for a different attitude. A second miler attitude. […]

Telling the Truth

There are two good reasons for telling the truth—for sticking to the truth as well as you can—in any situation: First, it makes you feel good, and secondly it’s the only way to earn trust and respect from others. You may gain respect for your good manners, your position in life, your acts of kindness, […]

Sales Tip: Stay in Touch

Best Sales Tip: Stay in Touch and Keep the Wolves at Bay! If you have a lot of contact with people or are in a service related business, the best sales tip I can give you is you must stay in touch.  Especially with customers, or potential ones.  It’s the most important thing you can do […]

Give the Best Customer Service

Don’t Leave Customer Service Up to Chance Dedication to giving the best customer service cannot be a whim.  It cannot be something that is extended only to a select group of customers.  Every customer, no matter how affluent, is entitled to the best possible service.  “The customer is king” must be a continuous motto for […]

Learning To Listen

God gave every one of us two ears and one mouth.  Perhaps he was trying to tell us something.  And, as is the case with many of us, we aren’t listening.  Learning to listen is something every person needs to master if he wants to sell himself successfully.   Consider salespeople.  If you sell a […]