The Elevator is out of Order

Life is but a race. And, in selling yourself your main competition is yourself. Sticking to the job of selling yourself, your persistence, is what makes you a winner. If you meet an obstacle or a problem along the way, tackle it; solve it, and then move on to the next. That way problems don’t […]

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

There’s no question that working with a purpose and staying focused have the obvious benefit of creating more chances to be successful, more chances to “make a sale”, more chances to refine your approach, more chances to improve, more chances to make more money. That’s pretty clear. So whatever your goals or targets are in […]

Give Faith a Chance

The millions of people who have read my books and the millions who have heard me lecture know that I place a great value on faith. I’ve written about religious faith and mentioned it in my lectures. You have your own beliefs and you follow them in your own way. I’m sure many of you […]

Quitters Never Win-Stay the Course

Have you ever noticed how much physical fitness equipment is sold around the beginning of each New Year? It’s mind boggling. We all know why—everyone’s making New Year’s resolutions to make improvements in their physical appearance and eating habits. They all want to make a change for the better. We’ve all seen the ads that […]

Success Despite Failures

Helping people achieve success has been the motivating factor in my books and lectures as a motivational speaker; I consider it a reason for being. I believe we’re all put on earth for different reasons, and my reason for being on earth is to excite people, to get them to think differently from the ways […]