Do More Than What is Expected

The willingness to walk two miles with a customer instead of the one that was required is what helped to bring my customers back again and again. No wonder my repeat business was 65 percent. It’s what made me number one. Doing more then what is expected is what gets and keeps a sale. That’s […]

Going All or Nothing

There was a time in my career when I needed money so badly that I desperately had to make the commissions on every sale. In the beginning, I lived paycheck to paycheck, and the food put on my table each week, the house payments, and the car payments depended directly on my sales production. It […]

The Spending That More Than Pays its Way

Gifts, terrariums, you’re thinking, that’s for high rollers. Not true. They are for everybody. Just stop and think of what happens when you hear that a customer is sick and you send a get-well card. What salesman does that? So here comes this card to the guy in the hospital. He’s got nothing to do […]

Extending Yourself to Help Others

Selling yourself again and again becomes far easier when others see how willing you are to go out of your way for them—asked or unasked. If you want to sell yourself successfully put forth a little extra effort. Go out of your way to help someone. The more you reach out by extending yourself, the […]

Make a Lemon into a Peach

When a customer drives into the service department with a genuine lemon, it can take me and my people a lot of time and energy making phone calls and finding the places to exert pressure to make that car right. I take care of customers who have problems. I don’t make a customer pay more […]

Thank You!

When is the last time a salesperson told you how much he or she appreciated your business? Or for that matter, even bothered to say “Thank You”? It’s a sad commentary, but most salespeople don’t make any effort whatsoever to express their gratitude. It’s as if they think they’ve got a monopoly on their customers. […]

Using Your Phone to Stay in Touch

The beauty of the phone is that it can be a very persuasive communication tool if you use it properly. It’s convenient, fast, and compared to the cost of printing, very cheap. In fact when I first got into retail automotive selling, I was basically provided with a phone and a desk. Period. That was […]

In Good Times and Bad Times

Staying in touch with customers can be a very pleasant experience if all it means is saying “hello” and checking in with them from time to time. However, sometimes staying in touch means having to possibly listen to something the customer doesn’t like about the product they bought from you or the service they’re experiencing. […]

Raising the Bar on Expectations

I admire people who like to “raise the bar” a little when it comes to setting goals. Those are my kind of people. You’d be smart to get into the habit of always setting a target that makes you “reach” a little bit higher. That way you won’t be disappointed if you fall a little […]

The Little Things That Count

We’re all customers at some time during our day. Whether we’re buying groceries, on the phone with a utility or credit card company, or in a department store, we all know and experience the feeling of frustration when we’re ignored. So why would YOU do that to someone else? Why? Why? Why? My point should […]