Be a Risk-Taker

We put ourselves at risk every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment of the day. If we didn’t, we’d stay rooted in one spot forever. Indeed, when the result of our risk-taking is not to our liking, we use the expression, “I should have stayed in bed”. Many people seem to “stay in bed” all their […]

Ten Principles of Self Reliance

I have always believed that developing confidence in one’s self is a necessary step in developing self reliance. I believe that when it comes to standing on your own two feet you can’t do better than following these ten principles. To your own self are true. Listen to your inner voice; don’t let others derail […]

Give Faith a Chance

The millions of people who have read my books and the millions who have heard me lecture know that I place a great value on faith. I’ve written about religious faith and mentioned it in my lectures. You have your own beliefs and you follow them in your own way. I’m sure many of you […]