Second Mile Rules for Success

You should always do more than you’re asked to do if you want to sell yourself successfully. Put forth a little extra effort. Go out of your way to help someone. If anyone asks you to go one mile, go with him or her two miles. On top of that, do it even if you […]

Pay Attention to Details

Selling is like an espionage game. If you want to sell something to someone, you should find out all you can about that person. Write down his name, address, and phone number, along with whatever information you picked up about them in your conversation. Where he works, how many kids they have, hobbies, and what […]

The Invisible Sign—“Make Me Feel Important!”

Every person is special and each of us wants to feel good about ourselves, but to me it is just as important to make others feel the same way. Whenever I meet someone, I try to imagine them wearing an invisible sign that says: MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT! I respond to this sign immediately and […]

Espionage and Intelligence

In every other kind of war, each side spies on the other and has intelligence agents whose job it is to find out what its side is going up against. In selling, we usually call that qualifying the customer. But “qualify” is a word that has a lot of different meanings. One of them is […]

Keep Them Coming Back

If you expect to have repeat customers or people wanting to continue a relationship with you (personal or professional), then you had better be considerate of them and show an interest in how they see things. Forget about your point of view. Concentrate on theirs. If you don’t, you’ll fail miserably. Although I was very […]

The Little Things That Count

We’re all customers at some time during our day. Whether we’re buying groceries, on the phone with a utility or credit card company, or in a department store, we all know and experience the feeling of frustration when we’re ignored. So why would YOU do that to someone else? Why? Why? Why? My point should […]