Sharpen Up Your Image

If you take the time to study today’s successful men and women, you will note, almost without exception, that regardless of whether they’re in the medical field, law, education, retail sales, service or construction industries, they all look a little bit more businesslike in their appearance. They always stand out, looking well groomed and confident. […]

The Appearance of Success

Dressing the part may seem like something people who want to get ahead in this world would do instinctively. You would think so. But that’s not the case, especially today. When it comes to appearance, we live in a very freethinking and individualistic “anything goes” society. Even though some of you may think I cling […]

Don’t Join the Club

I didn’t discover the Law of 250 on my first day as a salesman. It took me a few years to work it out. I can’t guess how much it cost me in lost customers and their friends and relatives and coworkers. I did learn one important lesson very early in my career: Don’t join […]

Look Like You’re Their Kind of Guy

Ask people to describe the typical car salesman, and chances are they’ll tell you he wears the latest designer suit whether that means a Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. They’ll tell you he wears Italian loafers and a white-on-white dress shirt. In other words, they’ll tell you that the typical car salesman is wearing maybe […]

The Us Them Relationship

Everyone has had his or her share of bad experiences with salespeople who are unprofessional, insensitive, manipulative, double-dealing, and swindling. Harsh words, perhaps, but accurate. Sooner or later, everybody runs into one of these guys who give the rest of us a bum rap. What’s more, their shabby tactics cause many prospects to become anxious […]