Don’t Join the Club

I didn’t discover the Law of 250 on my first day as a salesman. It took me a few years to work it out. I can’t guess how much it cost me in lost customers and their friends and relatives and coworkers. I did learn one important lesson very early in my career: Don’t join […]

Look Like You’re Their Kind of Guy

Ask people to describe the typical car salesman, and chances are they’ll tell you he wears the latest designer suit whether that means a Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. They’ll tell you he wears Italian loafers and a white-on-white dress shirt. In other words, they’ll tell you that the typical car salesman is wearing maybe […]

The Us Them Relationship

Everyone has had his or her share of bad experiences with salespeople who are unprofessional, insensitive, manipulative, double-dealing, and swindling. Harsh words, perhaps, but accurate. Sooner or later, everybody runs into one of these guys who give the rest of us a bum rap. What’s more, their shabby tactics cause many prospects to become anxious […]