Build Your Business

I always kept looking for better ways to build my business and sell more. I am not trying to say that I invented everything that I do. I borrowed a lot of my ideas from other people and other businesses. Whatever idea’s you come up with, the important thing is not to be put off […]

Prospect for Customers

Do all your friends and relatives know where you are working these days? You’ve got an address book or contact list with their names. That’s a prospect list that I’m sure you already know about. But what have you done lately to be in touch with them? What are you doing to bring them in? […]

Smile Your Way to Success

One of the greatest gifts God gave humanity was a smile. If you think the flu is contagious, try smiling at someone and see what happens.  🙂 Eddy Van 3000 via Compfight A smile makes people feel special, appreciated, respected, and recognized. The next time you’re having difficulty communicating with or reaching a person, remember, […]

Girard’s Law of 250

Let me explain to you what I call Girard’s Law of 250. A short time after I got into this business, I went to a funeral home to pay my last respects to the deceased mother of a friend of mine. At Catholic funeral homes, they give out mass cards with the name and picture […]