Good Conversation and Personal Dialogue

The phone will never be a replacement for face to face interaction but it should remain a primary tool in your arsenal of weapons to use for staying in touch with customers. When you’re not with a customer in person, the phone is the next best thing and can still provide a powerful and personal […]

The Fact Finding Session

Professional salespeople will take the time to obtain the information they need to match the right product for their customers by conducting fact-finding sessions, and as the name implies, it’s a series of questions asked of prospects. The purpose of these questions is to investigate the needs of the prospect and to get a conversation […]

A Valuable Lesson

LEARN TO LISTEN is the best advice I can give a young salesperson just starting out. And it’s also good advice for those who have made a lifetime career of selling. If you sell a product or service you still must keep in mind that what you are really selling is YOU. I found out […]