You are an Original

It all begins with how you think about yourself. For years I’ve told my readers and those who’ve attended my lectures: “You are number one, numero uno, the most important person in the world. Remember that as number one you’re the cream of the crop, and the cream always rises to the top. But you […]

A Positive Attitude—The Weapon of Winners

Life is not perfect by any means. If it were, there’d be no challenge to it. We all have our moments of personal joy and tragedy. Whether it’s family, money, or job related issues, we all have our problems, big and small. One thing I never did was to share my personal problems with others […]

Share Only Your Positive Thoughts

When you share only positive thoughts, you create an atmosphere of goodwill. You want to be associated with and be known as a person who brings joy into people’s lives. People should know that whatever you have to say, it’s going to make them feel special because that’s the reputation you have and because that’s […]

Looks That Could Kill

Just so you know, when I talk about looks, I’m not talking about clothes, whether you’re handsome or cute, tall or thin or what color you are. I’m talking only about what statement your appearance makes to another person. Specifically to looks or impressions that could “kill” a deal or an important moment or opportunity […]