Time-Wasters Rob You Blind

No one has any more or less time than you have. The president of the United States has exactly the same number of hours in a day as the man on the street. We all have 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day. How much of your time today was wasted? It’s important to identify […]

Concentrate on the Moment

One of the biggest distractions to putting in a full day’s work is losing your power of concentration. If where you work is anything like where I worked, there’s a lot going on around you. It’s noisy. People are always talking. Phones are ringing and so on. You probably have a similar situation where you […]

Work Smart – Not Hard

One of the corniest slogans in sales training, you used to hear it all the time and maybe you still do, is this one: Plan your work and work your plan. I’ve heard it a hundred times at least. But let me tell you something that I have learned in my years in this business. […]

Time Management Tip: Get Organized and Set Priorities

Time Management is More than Keeping a Schedule I think many people are either intimidated by or just can’t get excited about keeping appointment books, diaries or planners.  They see them as extra paper work, needless in detail.  They feel they can keep everything in their heads and don’t need to micromanage themselves to that […]

Be Prepared

“Be prepared” is more than a motto for the Boy Scouts. These words should be tattooed on the chest of every salesperson so he or she will remember it. For starters, entering a sales presentation fully prepared does wonders for your self-confidence. Knowing that you know everything about your product, company, and competition, backward and […]

Tools for Success

Girard’s Toolbox – Tools for Success If I had to name the tools for success that worked best to build my business, the list would probably not surprise you. It would obviously include the telephone, my customer files, the mail, my business cards and my birddogs.   The phone can be used for staying in […]

Self-Reliance Makes Feeling Alone Less Lonesome

As you master your way to the top there’ll be many moments when you look around and realize you’re all alone.  You’ll suddenly think, “Who do I lean on?  Who do I walk with?  Who’s guiding me over the rough spots?”  You know the answer: it’s you.  Self-reliance will get you through the times when […]

Four Rules of Time Management

You’ll never go wrong if you simply follow my four rules on the importance of time management.  Let me expand on that since it’s so critical to success. Toni Verdú Carbó via Compfight Time wasted cannot be regained. It’s a cancelled check—worth nothing.  I guard my time like it is gold.  In fact, to me, […]

Setting Goals with Meaning

Setting goals is an important step as you head for the top. In your overall game plan, break this step down into a number of smaller steps. It doesn’t matter what your business is—or your profession, or your job, or whatever the top is you’re going for; the principles and strategies for setting goalsand achieving […]

Use “Won’t Power” to Give Yourself Willpower!

Having the ambition to master your way to the top is extremely important if you wish to achieve success. Whether it’s in business or other endeavors, ambition is a driving force. Kyle MacDonald via Compfight I like to call it the spark that gets the engine going. If your ambition is to pay off, you’ve […]