Losing a Sure Thing

We’ve seen it happen before. Something looks like a sure thing—it just can’t lose, no way no how, it’s in the bag, a slam-dunk. And then suddenly it’s gone—it’s lost. The worst nightmare realized in full living truth. What was supposed to be an almost forgone conclusion ends in shocking disbelief. How can that be? […]

Creating the Complete Person

When I talk about being the complete person, I’m not referring to anything that suggests you, I, or anyone else is trying to become the perfect being. Far from it. We’re all human and subject to making mistakes. My ideas about being a complete person are simply to make you aware of how others see […]

Look Like You’re Their Kind of Guy

Ask people to describe the typical car salesman, and chances are they’ll tell you he wears the latest designer suit whether that means a Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. They’ll tell you he wears Italian loafers and a white-on-white dress shirt. In other words, they’ll tell you that the typical car salesman is wearing maybe […]

Selling Yourself and Your Product

Selling oneself is something everybody must do in order to get along better with others, to influence others and to be more successful. This holds true, as I’ve pointed out many times, regardless of who you are or what you do. You may be a secretary or you may work on an assembly line. You […]

Keep Them Coming Back

If you expect to have repeat customers or people wanting to continue a relationship with you (personal or professional), then you had better be considerate of them and show an interest in how they see things. Forget about your point of view. Concentrate on theirs. If you don’t, you’ll fail miserably. Although I was very […]

Fill the Seats on the Ferris Wheel

Good selling is like filling the seats of a Ferris wheel. If you have ever seen a Ferris wheel, you know how it works. One at a time, the guy in charge fills the seats. People get off, he fills their seats and so on until all the people in the seats have left and […]

Stop Talking!

We all know people who just love to talk,talk, and talk. It gets to the point that listening to their silence becomes a very gratifying experience because it’s so rare. Why don’t they just shut up? Don’t they realize this is hurting their business and personal relationships? Don’t they have a clue how annoying this […]

Telling the Truth

There are two good reasons for telling the truth—for sticking to the truth as well as you can—in any situation: First, it makes you feel good, and secondly it’s the only way to earn trust and respect from others. You may gain respect for your good manners, your position in life, your acts of kindness, […]

Sincerity is the Key

Be Sincere or Find Another Career It should go without saying that you must come across with sincerity.  And if you don’t you’re in for a difficult time.  I think being sincere is the easiest part of selling.  It’s simply a matter of caring about your customer and believing in what you sell.  If you […]

Sales Tip: Stay in Touch

Best Sales Tip: Stay in Touch and Keep the Wolves at Bay! If you have a lot of contact with people or are in a service related business, the best sales tip I can give you is you must stay in touch.  Especially with customers, or potential ones.  It’s the most important thing you can do […]