Build Your Business

I always kept looking for better ways to build my business and sell more. I am not trying to say that I invented everything that I do. I borrowed a lot of my ideas from other people and other businesses. Whatever idea’s you come up with, the important thing is not to be put off […]

Anybody Can Do What I Have Done

I hope you’re not looking for magic words or formulas or phrases to say to yourself in the mirror. Life doesn’t work that way, and business doesn’t either. There are no secrets; there is no magic. The process of successful selling means endless use of your mental resources. The fact is that ANYBODY CAN DO […]

Selling Yourself and Your Service

People who sell a service rather than a product are people who sell an idea about something, perhaps even something a product does, but not the product itself. Doctors sell no product; they sell their diagnostic or surgical skills, their specialization, their understanding, their medical (or dental or psychiatric or other) knowledge and their experience. […]