The Value of Having a Plan

I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in good work. I believe in smart work. I believe in effective work—work that works. The value of having a plan is to keep you moving and keeping the flow of prospects coming in. One of the most important aspects of your plan is to prioritize your […]

Match Your Tools to Your Goals

There are many organizing techniques and tools out there to help you reach your goals. The trick is to match the right ones to your particular goals. Why is this so important? It’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s possible to organize the wrong plan by mistake. In fact, you might even “over manage” […]

The Reward You Give Yourself

Whenever I watch Olympic-class sporting events, I especially admire seeing the distance event athletes in action. The marathons they compete in are the ones that really put the inner strengths and endurance of competitors to the test the most. You really see who has what it takes to go the distance. Whether they’re swimmers, runners, […]

Work Smart – Not Hard

One of the corniest slogans in sales training, you used to hear it all the time and maybe you still do, is this one: Plan your work and work your plan. I’ve heard it a hundred times at least. But let me tell you something that I have learned in my years in this business. […]