Make a Healthy Choice

To me, good health is not about a race to become smarter or stronger than the next guy or gal. It’s not about being healthier than someone else. The contest I’m talking about is only between you and yourself. God didn’t make us all the same. Each one of us is unique. We weren’t all […]

Have Faith in Yourself

What can you do about those fear-faith whisperings? Here’s what I did. I decided that a good way to build self-confidence and courage would be to simply tune out the whisperings of fear, just play hard of hearing and refuse to listen to every negative thought or word that came my way. In building confidence […]

Think Power Daily Dozen

Before I changed my own negative attitudes, I was anything but a success—financially or otherwise. It took a 180-degree turn on my part before I changed the course of my life. I was flat broke, deeply in debt, afraid of the future and shamed before my family because of financial reverses. Then one day my […]

How You See Yourself

One way or another, we all get glimpses of ourselves daily. In life there’s always something or someone on hand to give us a playback of ourselves. A reflection pool of water, the rear and side view mirrors on a set of wheels, another person’s reaction to something we’ve said or done. It’s not what […]