Exercising Enthusiasm

Exercising enthusiasm! It’s just as important as your daily physical workout. Just as you can keep your body in tune, so can you tune up your enthusiasm machine until it’s purring like a well-oiled engine. You can build enthusiasm into your personality by the never fail method of exercise.

Enthusiasm Uncurbed

You’re selling the world’s number-one-product—you.  And you never want to be without that flavorful ingredient enthusiasm.  Let’s put it to work.  Let’s exercise it.  How?

Develop Your Enthusiasm

Four Step Enthusiasm Exercise:

First, care about something deeply.  Always have something to be enthusiastic about, a goal, an idea, a project, a plan or another person.  Caring about something is very important.  People sense this at once and it’s a terrific boost in the job of selling yourself.  Caring about something is the great warm-up exercise in developing enthusiasm.  I always have some kind of long-term goal in my sights—a mountain to climb, if you will.

Second, get excited out loud.  I start exercising enthusiasm first thing in the morning.  I can’t help it.  As soon as I wake up I tell myself, “Be Happy!” and I’m happy.  God has given me a wonderful gift, another 1,440 minutes, another 24 hours, and another day.  Today is the day that counts and I’m going to make today better than yesterday.

Third, use a battery charger.  Get yourself someone you can count on to recharge your batteries.  Make sure that person is a winner, a number-one person like you, to give you a charge when you need it.  And, just as important, be a battery charger yourself.  The more I help someone exercise enthusiasm muscles the more I’m exercising my own.

Fourth, see life as a kid.  Look at the world, no matter how old you are, with wide-eyed wonder.  Have an attitude of expectation.  Kids anticipate the day.  And that’s a pretty good rule for adults to follow too.  Adults must capture the enthusiasm of kids to learn to anticipate the day.

There you have them—four steps to help develop enthusiastic qualities; to help you become an exciting person and sell yourself more successfully.

Image: Creative Commons License David Goehring via Compfight