How Lasting Success is Achieved

How you handle the people you care about most in this world—your family, your customers—has everything to do with whether or not they will stay with you or come back to you. People don’t forget how you treat them. Fortunately, you get to decide your own fate here. Building a power reputation is a significant step toward establishing the character of who you are and what you stand for in life whenever you are seen or others mention your name. This isn’t about being famous or anything like that. It’s about representing yourself to others with the same honesty and respect you would want from them.

HERE’S THE LESSON: What people will think about your character and reputation in the future is forged now—not tomorrow but right now. What are you doing about your legacy? Here are some guideposts for you to follow:

  1. Always remember the time you spend cultivating customers today is the fruit that will keep them for tomorrow. Go out of your way to help someone. The more you reach out by extending yourself, the more people you’ll influence for good.
  2. Do thoughtful little things for your customers to remind them you care. Send a birthday card; congratulate them on a new baby or a new job.
  3. It is the unexpected little things you do that will register the most. Do something for someone, or some cause, without expecting any pay for it.
  4. “Give them what they want—and a little more”, as Sam Walton used to say. They’ll remember you and return your kindness many times over. Almost three quarters of my customers were repeat business. I loved them and they knew it. In return they made me number one.

Never let others talk you out of doing something extra for the people you care about. No extra effort, no bending over backward to help somebody, no gesture, however small, is ever lost.  Extending yourself is the best exercise for the mind and spirit that can be found. The truth is, when people see how much you believe in what you’re doing for them by standing in front of your commitments, they’ll respond by believing in you. It’s human nature. They will remember how you treated them and will tell everyone they know. If it’s a bad impression or experience, it will spread like a contagious disease with your name on it. The image others have of you when you stay in touch with them in a personal and caring way is what counts. That’s how lasting success is achieved. Leave a legacy you can be proud of!