Looks That Could Kill

Just so you know, when I talk about looks, I’m not talking about clothes, whether you’re handsome or cute, tall or thin or what color you are. I’m talking only about what statement your appearance makes to another person. Specifically to looks or impressions that could “kill” a deal or an important moment or opportunity before a single word is uttered.

Present yourself as a winner

Do you look smug or overbearing? Do you seem to have a chip on your shoulder? Do you look down on your luck or depressed? Or do you look confident, welcoming, and caring? In other words, do you look like a winner or a loser? I think most people with common sense can appreciate that saying something out of place can create a negative atmosphere. However, they don’t always think this applies to their appearance. Many feel it’s their right to look however they please and that other people just have to deal with it—that’s who they are, and they have a right to look  and behave any way they want. And that’s certainly true. Is that what you say?

I realize that in this day and age, individuality is very important, especially to our younger generations. You may not like what I have to say, but understand that any comments I make on appearance or habits are made only to indicate how they impact the opportunity to close a deal or make a positive impression on someone. I’m talking about IMPACT; how your looks and habits impact the people you come in contact with. The vast majority of people won’t take the time to find out that you’re really an intelligent, nice, hard-working person after all. Instead, they will pass judgment on you based on what they see. Like it or not, that’s how it is. We live in a judgmental world and the bottom line is, YOU LOSE.

If your appearance or bad habits are getting in the way of your success, you need to make a change. Let me put it to you simply—YOU need them, THEY don’t need you. SHARPEN UP YOUR IMAGE! When I was selling, I knew I was there for one reason—to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere that would make my prospects feel comfortable so they would enjoy the experience of doing business with me. That’s how I made a living. I always eliminated or minimized anything that got in the way of closing a sale. I never let my appearance, my behavior or my habits get in the way of selling someone a car or truck. If I lost a sale, I wanted it to be because I just couldn’t beat their price or I didn’t have what they wanted—not because I looked bad.

Don’t make the clumsy mistake of turning your customer off before you even begin. YOU’RE THERE TO MAKE MONEY AND INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF YOUR CONTACT WITH OTHERS.  It all begins with the first impression you give. You should always come across as the sharpest, best groomed, most positive and professional person they every met. If you’re not prepared to make these changes, then find another line of work. Interacting with all types of people is the key to success.