Reverse Negative Attitudes

A positive attitude in life is what motivates and moves you toward your goals. It is most important when you’re faced with obstacles you just can’t control. Deciding on having a positive attitude everyday is something you can control. One question that I am asked all of the time is “How do you stay so positive Joe?” I trained myself to think positively everyday and not get sucked into negativity. I learned to change my outlook on life and reverse negative attitudes and bad thinking habits. Before I changed my own negative attitudes, I was anything but a success—financially or otherwise. It took a 180-degree turn on my part before I changed the course of my life.

Just how do you take a “180”? It’s a mental action, of course, but I’ve always found it helpful to link mental actions to physical ones. Each day—each 1,440 minutes—was a new day to think yourself into a new you. Think power is powerful stuff, and one of the secrets of developing positive attitudes, of selling yourself more successfully, lies in using that power to the highest degree. You can fill your head with discouragement by thinking negative thoughts, or you can change your whole attitude about yourself and others by thinking positive thoughts.

How do you use think power? By exercising it. Like any physical exercise designed to develop a muscle, these mental exercises must be done daily. Make this your mental “daily dozen” every morning. Take each think power exercise one at time. Don’t rush and choose a place where you can be alone without distractions. You will be using your conscious mind to tell your subconscious to take over. After a few weeks of this stimulating exercise, each powerful thought will be deep in your consciousness, always there to guide you.

The Think Power Daily Dozen

  1. Think of yourself as successful.
  2. Think of yourself as loving.
  3. Think of yourself as attractive.
  4. Think of yourself as friendly.
  5. Think of yourself as helpful.
  6. Think of yourself as generous.
  7. Think of yourself as in control.
  8. Think of yourself as strong.
  9. Think of yourself as courageous.
  10. Think of yourself as optimistic.
  11. Think of yourself as affluent.
  12. Think of yourself as having peace of mind.

Everyone has problems especially when we’re in a down economy. It’s hard to remain positive when those around you are spewing gloom and despair. Who needs to listen to that? Make up your mind now that from here on you are going to paint mental pictures of yourself that are successful, attractive, positive, the world’s number-one product. When you walk away from the depressed, unproductive group crying around the water cooler, tell yourself this; I can do better than this. I deserve better than this. I can be better than this. I am number one!