Sales Tip: How to Get the Sale to Stick

Here’s a sales tip to get your sale to stick.

“Joe, how did you get so many sales to stick?” As an automotive motivational speaker, no matter where in the world I am, this question is asked often. I am going to give you the question to ask new customers that does wonders to eliminate buyer’s remorse.

After the order is signed, sealed and ready for delivery, and the customer is walking out the door, ask this, “Before you go, I’d like to ask you a question”.  They’ll say “sure, what is it?” “I’m always trying to improve myself, so there’s something I’d like to know before you leave. You mentioned how you shopped around at two other dealerships, yet you didn’t buy from them.  Why did you buy a car from me instead of from them?”

Get the Sale to Stick

Get the Sale to Stick

Then shut up and listen.  You’re going to hear how much the guy loves you, and the more reasons he gives for buying from you, the more he convinces himself that he made a wise decision.  He’s being sold all over again—this time by himself.  By repeating, in his own words, why he bought, the customer forms a clear and concise understanding about your product or service and why you deserve his business.  I’ve heard things like: “I bought from you Joe because you really care about me”. “You didn’t high-pressure me”. “You didn’t try to sell me more than I could afford”. “You’re a real pro Joe”.

I love asking a prospect why he bought because I know I’m going to receive a lot of praise.  It’s a good ego trip and that’s okay.  We all need to be reinforced by hearing good things.  After all, who can’t use a little pep talk in the middle of the day?  But the realy benefit is that every time a customer tells you why he bought from you and not from somebody else, you’ll learn more and more about selling.  It’s an amazing thing, but the longer I’m in sales, the more I keep learning.

Now how in the world can he or she want to cancel, or get buyer’s remorse, after telling you how much they loved you and the great service you provided them?  It doesn’t take much for brand-new customers to become filled with second thoughts.  Try this sales tip, and I guarantee you will hardly ever have a customer with buyer’s remorse or cancellations.