Self-Reliance Makes Feeling Alone Less Lonesome

As you master your way to the top there’ll be many moments when you look around and realize you’re all alone.  You’ll suddenly think, “Who do I lean on?  Who do I walk with?  Who’s guiding me over the rough spots?”  You know the answer: it’s you.  Self-reliance will get you through the times when you feel alone.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life 

What exactly is self-reliance?  It’s always trying to do things that are right, that you know deep in your heart are right for you.  When you are on equal footing, you are no longer lonely; your self-reliance grows by leaps and bounds.  But self-reliance is a muscle and like any muscle it must be exercised to remain strong.  Developing confidence in one’s self is a necessary step in developing self-reliance.  I believe that when it comes to standing on your own two feet you can’t do better than following these principles:

10 Sure Fire Steps to Self-Reliance

1. To your own self be true. Listen to your inner voice; don’t let others derail you. March to your own tune. 2. Create positive thinking. Associate with “energy chargers”. Don’t let negativism drag you down. 3. Know that you’re not alone. Remember, millions of people have walked in your footsteps before you, and will do so after you. 4. Learn something new. Get busy, sign up for classes, read a book, get involved in your community. Whatever you do, it’ll rejuvenate your brain cells. 5. Assess the situation. Be realistic. What would really happen if you lost your job, or if business got really bleak? (Tie this commandment in with the next.) 6. Take credit for your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back. Keep files containing all the complimentary things others have said about you and your work. Review it when things look bleak. In times of crisis, it’s good to have such positive input at hand. 7. Aspire higher. Stretch yourself. Consider your role models in or out of your field of work. Strive to be like them. 8. Don’t bottle things up; get some feedback. Talk things over with those you can trust. Make sure the feedback you get is from someone who is caring and supportive. 9. Take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, sleep, play. Laugh a lot. Get your life in balance. Learn to make time for yourself. 10. Keep in circulation. When rough times or failure hit, it’s common to withdraw. The sooner you re-involve yourself, the sooner you’ll get back on target. Follow these principles, practice self-reliance and when you’re feeling alone you’ll have the confidence to pick yourself up and carry yourself through.   Image Credit: Jon McGovern via Compfight