Selling Yourself on You

In order to successfully sell yourself to others you must believe in yourself and be totally aware of your own self worth. It all begins with how you think about yourself and who you really are. There is only one you in the entire world, you are an original and no one else can match your features or personality. Your job is to reinforce that fact in your conscious and subconscious mind every day. All people who sell themselves successfully are first sold on themselves.

Rainy Day Inspiration :: You Must Believe In Yourself!

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Selling yourself on you means you must learn to like yourself and not get caught in a trap of negativism. You are number one, have faith in yourself; you are the greatest product in the world. You can only win in the business of selling by believing you are number one and acting like it. As the saying goes “You are what you think you are”. Regard yourself as the best and that good is going to come your way. It won’t be long before you find others sharing those same positive attitudes about you, what you do and what you stand for. Mentally wipe out any thoughts of failure.

You can spend your time filling your head with discouraging and negative thoughts, or you can change your attitude about yourself and others by thinking positive thoughts. Use your think power and start exercising it. Like any physical exercise developed to exercise a muscle, use mental exercises daily to affirm your self worth. Think of the things you must do everyday, and picture yourself as being successful in each task. Do these things now:

  • Buy a small numeral 1 lapel pin (or ring, necklace or bracelet) and wear it proudly every day.
  • Tape a three-by-five file card with I am Number One printed on it to your bathroom mirror where you can see it first thing every morning. Read it and smile.
  • Keep a similar card in your office or shop or kitchen or locker. Put another on the sun visor of your car.
  • Repeat this statement ten times every morning upon arising: I Am My Own Best Salesperson.
  • Repeat this statement ten times every night before going to bed: I Am the Number-One Person in My Life.
  • Associate with others who know how to sell themselves, who are winners.
  • Avoid the losers from now on.
  • Put negative thoughts-envy, jealousy, greed, hate out of your life.
  • Determine that you’ll take every “catcall” in life from now on as a compliment and build on it.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back at least once every day.

Sell yourself on you by telling yourself everyday that you are the best.  Don’t listen to negativity about you and don’t participate in spreading negativity around about others.  Picture yourself as sucessful and sucess will come.
If you’re sold on you.