Share Only Your Positive Thoughts

When you share only positive thoughts, you create an atmosphere of goodwill. You want to be associated with and be known as a person who brings joy into people’s lives. People should know that whatever you have to say, it’s going to make them feel special because that’s the reputation you have and because that’s WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Talk only about positive things. Whether it’s the news, sports, or the weather, always look for the positive angle on things. Be upbeat. Focus on the constructive things, not the negative ones. If you’re a positive person who talks and feels positive, then that is exactly what you pass on to the people you are with. And that, my friends, is right where you want your customers or contacts to be, feeling good about themselves and knowing you’re the reason they feel positive. If you have nothing good to say about something, either move on to another topic or shut up.

Share only your positive thoughts

I could always tell when people I would meet were having troubles. They would sulk, frown, or shuffle about with their heads down. It was so obvious; I could hardly imagine anyone wanting to be around people like that. For many, it wasn’t a personal tragedy that was bringing this on; it was just their negative, downcast way of dealing with things that weren’t going their way. They were beaten before they began. I always tell people, “If you’re not on the OBITUARY list today, you should be smiling”. Even getting out of bed in the morning is something to smile about. Yes, it’s the small things in life we take for granted. Like love, smiling should never be taken for granted. It should be worn as a cherished possession and given freely to others as a gift.

Look, we all have problems. The difference is, successful people know how to control and discipline themselves and make the most of the time and opportunities they have. To them, survival is an art form. They’re never beaten. They never give up. They just keep on going but always with a ray of sunshine pasted on their faces. That’s the difference. If you’re starting out your day any other way, you’re creating unnecessary obstacles for yourself. You’ll have plenty to frown about at the end of a lousy day if you choose a path without a smile and positive attitude.

So how do you get rid of the blues if things aren’t going your way? “I’ve got nothing to smile about”, you say. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Keep your troubles to yourself. If you have something to vent, do it at home. Do it on your own time. It’s YOUR problem, not the person’s you’re interacting with. They don’t need to be in on what’s happening in you personal life.
  2. Tell yourself, “My job is to make life enjoyable for others”. You’re on “their time” now. What others need from you is a demonstration that you’re genuinely interested in them (not preoccupied with YOU). There is no faster way to let them know this than with a smile.

I know this can be very difficult at times, but you have no other choice. You have to face life on its terms, not yours. In the end you’ll be thankful you did. Trust me on that.