Take Control of Your Fate

We all have a desire to satisfy our needs and be successful, even in the face of adversity. Inside each of us, there is a voice that creates the urge and desire to succeed. A positive attitude always listens to that voice. It is what moves you forward toward your goals. The most important reason for having a positive attitude is not to get you through the good times, when everything seems to be falling in place for you. It’s to get you through the tough times, the stormy seas, when you really need to hunker down; the times when attitude can make the difference, especially when difficult decisions have to be made. Living a successful life is about coping with and perfecting how you go about dealing with adversity!

Deciding on having a positive attitude everyday is something you can control. Picture yourself as being successful in each task and mentally wipe out any thoughts of failure. You are the world’s number one product and you will become what you think. Have faith in yourself and believe that good is going to come your way. Don’t fill your head with discouragement; think of yourself as a strong loving, and helpful person who is in control. It will make it easier to sell yourself to others regardless of who you are trying to influence or for what purpose. Having a positive attitude is important in your home too. Whether it’s your spouse or your kids, they all see you as a model to follow. What kind of example are you setting? Make it a positive one that can help build a healthy and loving atmosphere for your family.

Life is not perfect by any means. If it were, there’d be no challenge to it. We all have our moments of personal joy and tragedy. Whether it’s family, money, or job related issues, we all have our problems, big and small. Take control of your fate by thinking about yourself and others with positive thoughts! Transform yourself into a positive minded person who will stop at nothing to become a more complete person. Make your mind up that from now on you are going to paint mental pictures of yourself that are successful and positive. Steer clear of negative people they’re losers. Only spend time with positive people who can give you a boost up the mountain, not drag you down into the pits where losers live.

“So how do I get a positive attitude, Joe?” you ask. The most difficult thing you will have to do in order to adopt a new positive attitude is to break the shackles of the past that are holding you back. Take control of your fate by making peace with yourself and moving forward to become a more complete person both at home at and your job. You must believe in yourself! If you do, you will be successful. There were many times I could have just said, “I quit. I’ve had enough,” and walked away from it all like so many people do. Instead, I hung in there, stayed positive, and put in a little extra effort. It made all the difference in the world. The reward that follows will almost always be equal to the amount of effort you put into maintaining a positive attitude along the way.