The Power of Promises

To sell yourself successfully, you must never go back on a promise.  Never.  A promise keeper is a person who means what he or she says.  Promise keepers are people you can trust without question.  Force yourself at no matter what the cost to keep the promises you’ve made.  No one can force you to do this but yourself.  Always think first before you make any future promises.  Ask yourself, “Can I really do what I’m promising?”

Power of a Promise

Think About the Promises You Make

Whether they’re big promises or little promises such as agreeing to meet someone at a certain time, or a call to your wife to tell her you’ll be home at six, the rule applies.  Think first.  Be sure you can do what you say.  Too often we make promises without thinking.  If you really intend to sell yourself to others—your boss, your partner, your kids or neighbors—then work at the job of promise keeping.  The sale of you will be a lot easier.

To use an overworked expression, your word is your bond.  You’re putting your name on the dotted line.  It’s a contract with yourself, because a promise is a contract.  All contracts are obligations.  I’ve often wondered why some people take promises lightly both in making them and in having them made to them.

You can keep from breaking promises, if you follow another simple rule: Let the person know—by phone, by letter, in person—that you may have to replace one promise with another.  If, for example you promised something by a certain time and then something unforeseen pops up—make a phone call to explain.  Explaining the situation creates warm feelings.  Breaking promises puts your sincerity in question.  You only get one shot at it.  Break a promise and you won’t be able to promise much again to that person.

The power of a promise is a tremendous force in helping you to sell yourself successfully.  Business success, marriage success, family success, more downright enjoyment in life can come about through keeping the promises you make.  A kept promise builds faith and confidence in you by others.  A broken promise cannot only shatter that confidence; it might also break a heart.  A promise kept is a shining thing.


Photo credit: Aidan Jones via photopin cc