The Value of Having a Plan

I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in good work. I believe in smart work. I believe in effective work—work that works. The value of having a plan is to keep you moving and keeping the flow of prospects coming in. One of the most important aspects of your plan is to prioritize your to-do list in your planner

Even when you have to change plans, you still get a lot of momentum by having a plan in the first place. Attitude planning is as much a part of planning your selling day as anything else. If you know exactly what you intend to do first thing in the morning, that knowing motivates a lot more than an attitude of wait and see. I don’t know anything that gets me closer to that first sale of the day than the plan I make every morning.

I know where I’m going and what I’m going to do. And whether or not the whole thing changes the minute I walk into the office doesn’t matter. Because I came in with motivation, with assurance that I had an important reason for being there. And that is the most important reason for planning your work—even if you can’t work out every (or any) detail of your plan that day. Organize a plan of action that keeps you focused on winning. It is critical that you keep your train of thought focused on the task at hand and not drift into unnecessary distractions. Then finish your day with a review of everything you did to see how good your plan was and how realistic it was.

Once I got into the habit of reviewing my day in detail, my awareness and productivity soared to new heights. I was perfecting my approach, getting better and better, stronger and stronger, each and every day. Finally I ended my end-of-the-day analysis by charting my course for the next day just like the captain of a ship. I knew where and how I was going before I ever “set sail” in the morning. When I talk about organized planning, I’m talking about organizing for success. I had a plan and nothing got in the way of my working that plan every day. Effective use of time is critical to achieve your goals. That was my routine and I was in control

Never stop refining your organization plan. Your goals and circumstances are continuously changing. What worked last year won’t necessarily work this year. Targets can change and move. Yours will too. Keep your eye on them at all times. You should continuously be refocusing and organizing your plan to hit those targets when they do change. As long as you plan where you’re going ahead of time, and know where you’re going, you’ll get there. Success comes faster to those who plan for it. Having an organized plan is a must for efficient use of time. And that’s one of the major keys to success. Plan your work. Work your plan Do it!