Winning Bloodless Victories

How to win a bloodless Victory. Remember that for a real salesman there is nothing better than selling. It is like home runs for a hitter, touchdowns for a running back, and victories for a general. But when a salesman sells there should be no losers. Both the buyer and the seller win if it’s a good sale. The confrontation that leads to a sale is like a game or a war, but one where nobody bleeds, nobody loses, everybody wins.

This is only the beginning of Victory!

This is only the beginning!

What’s better than that? We are talking about a profession that uses skills and tools and experience and practice. It brings us lots of headaches and frustrations, no matter how well we do. But when we do it right, it brings us more financial and emotional pleasure than any other kind of work in the world.But the process that leads to that victory should start long before you ever see your prospect for the first time. And it goes on long after the customer signs the order, pays, and leaves with his purchase. In fact, if you think the sale ends when, like they say in the car business, you see the customer’s taillights, you’re going to lose more sales than you ever dreamed of. But if you understand how selling can be a continuing process that never ends, then you’re going to make it to the big time.

Let’s face it, selling is a very tough competitive world. But when I say that, I don’t mean that you are going to have to cheat or steal to survive. Stick with me and you will see what I do mean. You will see how you can change people by selling them the right way, my way, and wind up with their money and their friendship. In fact, if you don’t get both their money and their friendship, you are not going to be in business very long. If you don’t understand whom you’re dealing with and what they really want to hear, then you can’t make it in the long run. I assure you of that.

But even before we get to the business of your customer’s attitudes, we are going to have to deal with your own. Feeling sorry for yourself is a trap. It guarantees that you’ll keep on losing. It kills everything that it takes to be a winner in the war of life and of selling. See what you are doing in your own life that is defeating you and that can be turned around to make you a big winner. Look at yourself and your life to turn the disadvantages into advantages, the liabilities into assets, the failures into successes, the defeats into victories. Once you have come to that point, you get a set of attitudes built into you head.

If you think that there is nothing you can do to sell and win, because you feel like a loser, let me tell you that I was a bigger loser than you have ever been. For the first 35 years of my life I was the world’s biggest loser. Feeling sorry for yourself is a trap. It guarantees that you’ll keep on losing. It kills everything that it takes to be a winner in the war of life and selling. I’m not saying that what I went through was easy, but I did it. And if I could do it, coming from where I came from, anybody who is sick and tired of being a loser can do it. I guarantee that too. But you have to build in your own version of the right attitudes as the first step!