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See and Hear the World’s Greatest Salesman!

With this Joe Girard CD and DVD collection, you’ll be able to watch and listen as Joe shares his years of experience and expertise with you! Let Joe lead you towards a better and more prosperous life.

Take your first step toward the life you deserve!

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Your Future Begins Right Now


(Joe Girard “Live” Video On DVD)
Add one of Joe’s books for only $6.95 more!
This Sales Training DVD will show you how to:
Joe Girard Live Video DVDWarning! This DVD contains deeply motivating material that may cause a dramatic change in your life.
  • Adopt the Right Attitude!
  • Become a Shepherd Instead of a Sheep!
  • Believe In Yourself and Not Feel Sorry For Yourself!
  • Chart a Course for Prosperity!
  • Set Positive Daily Goals!
  • Take Your Dream to a Belief and Ignite the Spark of Success!
  • Transform Fear into Faith!
  • Turn Obstacles into Strength Builders!
  • Launch your way to success!

An Experience With Joe Girard


(Joe Girard Speech on 2-CD Set)
Add one of Joe’s books for only $6.95 more!

Joe Girard Speech on CD

In this live recording of a presentation to automotive executives at the Automotive Hall of Fame, Joe shares lessons learned from the challenges of his difficult childhood. He shows how he was able to use them to become the Guinness Book of Records World’s Greatest Salesman

Whether you sell cars, chemicals, insurance or toys, you’ll find Joe Girard’s lively speech on learning to play the game of life inspiring and filled with valuable tips that can help you to realize your biggest dreams!

Joe doesn’t just hand out sales training theory based on something he read in a book; he’s a straight talker with years of sales experiences in the trenches. Learn from the expert on how you can apply these lessons to yourself and play to win every time!

Be A Winner! “Do It My Way”


(Joe Girard Complete Audio Collection on 6-CD Set)

Joe Girard Books on CD

6½ hours!

This Box Set Includes:
  1. “Do It My Way”
  2. Can’t Lose Sales Tips
  3. More Can’t Lose Sales Tips
  4. How to Sell Anything to Anybody
  5. How to Close Every Sale
  6. How to Sell Yourself


In these six CD’s, Joe shares his story and his secrets of success. Here you’ll find how to motivate yourself, avoid being dragged down by pessimists in the office, find customers during slow times, interact with customers, and keep them coming back again and again. Whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, these sales training techniques can help you become a better salesperson. Anyone can be a success and Joe Girard can show you how!