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The Joe Girard Complete DVD Library Collection has everything you need to improve your sales expertise — condensed into one package!

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Joe’s Steps to Success


(The Complete Joe Girard DVD Collection)
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The Joe Girard DVD Sales Training Library

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about professional selling

Volume 1 (19 minutes):
  • How to Overcome Tough Obstacles in Your Life
  • Goals, and How to Set Them
  • Attitude is as Important as Motivation
  • How to Believe in Yourself First
Volume 2 (18 minutes):
  • Sins of Salespeople
  • Four Things to Avoid When You Are On the Floor
  • Improving Your Up System
  • Why You Should Not Pre–Qualify a Customer — Very Important
  • What to Do When You Are Not On the Floor
Volume 3 (17 minutes):
  • Use the Mail So Your Customers Will Never Forget You, Especially When It’s Time to Buy
  • Most Effective Ways to Use Your Business Cards — Guaranteed
  • Soliciting On the Telephone to Bring In Hot Leads
Volume 4 (18 minutes):
  • Great Referral Ideas… Get Your Customers to Send You Business
  • Design Your Office So You Can Close the Sale
  • Office Mistakes That Can Kill You
  • Obligate Your Customers with Gifts
  • Greet Your Customers like Family
  • Listen to Your Customers so You Can Close the Sale
Volume 5 (19 minutes):
  • Importance of a Demo Ride
  • Key Questions to Qualify
  • Learn About a Customer Through Their Trade–In
  • Learn to Sell Now by Overcoming Objections and Stalls to Avoid a Be–Back Club
Volume 6 (15 minutes):
  • Use the Order Form as a Sales Tool
  • Tips on Credit Applications
  • How to Secure the Best Co–Signer
  • Closing the Co–Signer
  • Salvaging Bank Rejects
  • Getting a Strong Deposit
Volume 7 (17 minutes):
  • Eliminating the Poker Player (5–Card Price Shopper)
  • Techniques of “Spot Delivery”
  • After Sale Follow–Up
  • Referral Systems
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Law of 250 (Pulling Power of One Sale) — POWERFUL